Nutrition – Part Two

Amino Acids

Using Amino Acids

(Check with your physician first)

Time of Day: Follow suggested directions

Dosage: Start with the lowest recommended dose (or half dose) and wait 30 minutes for any potential allergic reaction, often only a headache. If no reaction occurs, continue. Take as directed on the bottle, even though some people say they experience relief of their symptoms by raising their dosage with no negative side effects. The absorption of amino acids can be somewhat improved if you hold the powder under your tongue. There appears to be only one consistent side effect of taking too much of an amino acid: Reverse Syndrome.

Reverse Syndrome: The symptoms you are trying to eliminate can return if you take a larger amount of amino acids than your brain needs or if you take them for longer than is needed. Allergic responses are unusual and might be eliminated by powdered Vitamin C.

Response Time: The body usually responds to amino acids within 15 minutes. Some blends may take a few hours. The directions on the label may state that it can take a few days.

Best Results: Take quality vitamin and mineral supplements and higher doses of Vitamin C. Ask your physician for general nutrient testing.

Amino Repair Period: A 3 to 12 month period is usually required for amino acids to fully positively affect your brain, after which you won’t need regular supplements unless your life becomes difficult.

Duration: Take a supplement for three months then stop taking it and see how you feel. If your symptoms return, continue to use it. If you feel better, stop and see what happens.

Amino Acid IV

Amino Acid Intravenous Drip: In some cases, an amino acid IV drip is a highly effective detoxification method for all drugs, even opiates like methadone and Suboxone. It can be performed at an out-clinic, but medically difficult cases need to be inpatient. It’s not widely available in the US, but availability is increasing.

Evaluation: Most of the time, your experience is enough to know the effect of what you are taking. If you don’t get good results from amino acid supplements or if you have an allergic reaction, testing is the best approach. The only reliable test for neurotransmitters is examination of blood platelets (BP). Also consider testing for heavy metals and other substances.

Experiential Feedback: If you aren’t sure of the results you’re getting, relax and pay attention to what you’re feeling: maybe you’re feeling relaxation, stimulation, or the relief of pain, or a negative mood or anxiety.

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