General Definitions Addiction Recovery - I

Identified Problem, Identified Patient (IP): As part of the Addicted (Dysfunctional) Family System Model, the IP is the one with the problem, the sick one versus other family members who see themselves as having no problems. The IP takes the pressure off of other members, and keeps balance.

Illusion: Something that appears to be or is interpreted to be real but isn’t.

Inherited: Received from your parents, such as genetics or generation habits and beliefs.

Inhibition: A feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.

Inner Child: A childlike part of one’s self that was learned and experienced as a child.

Inner Child Work: The healing of unresolved childhood issues and trauma. Healing your damaged inner child may be essential for your recovery.

Integrate: Merging two or more aspects of yourself, so one functions as a whole.

Intellectualize: To think, reason, or analyze something or someone without awareness of your feelings; not relating on an emotional level to the person or situation. It’s often used as a defense.

Intern: A student with scholastic training who is getting experience working directly with clients, fulfilling the requirements for a personal license.

Intimate Others: Anyone you feel comfortable talking with about your personal life. Often, intimate others are part of your support group.

Isolation: Choosing to be physically or emotionally alone, usually to avoid dealing with a difficult issue, person or situation.

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General Definitions Addiction Recovery - H

Half Glass: Half-full is optimistic, half- empty is pessimistic.

Half-life: The time a substance takes to lose ½ of its potency.

Heart Trigger: Your Heart Trigger is the thing that gives you your strongest, emotionally charged motivation to stay clean.

Higher Power (HP): Any spiritual source that you accept as your guide and strength..

Higher Self: Your spiritual self or soul, that connects you to your concept of a higher power or a spiritual reality.

Hyperglycemia: Above normal blood sugar (glucose) level.

Hypoglycemia: Below normal blood sugar (glucose) level.

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