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Definitions Useful to Addiction Recovery

These general definitions are useful in addiction recovery:   “A”

Abstinence, Clean, Clean, Sober: Free of all mood-altering substances and addictive behaviors.

Addict, User, Abuser: A person who is using substances or practices any behavior excessively and consistently, in spite of negative consequences.

Addiction, Using, Substance Abuse, Behavioral Addiction: An addiction is an excessive behavior or a physical and emotional dependence. One feels compelled to indulge in the behavior or use, even after it has created major life problems.

Addictive Process: The process where one practices their addictive behaviors or substance abuse, in spite of negative consequences.

Adult Child of an Alcoholic (ACA), Addict or Dysfunctional Family: Someone raised in an addicted or chaotic family system. ACAs are characterized by lack of trust, fear of abandonment, and approval-seeking.

Alcohol, Drug, Mood-Altering or Psychoactive Substances: Substances that create a positive change in perception, mood, or consciousness, usually with a lot of pleasure.

Amino Acid Repair: The healing of brain and body through, amino acids (protein) and other quality nutrition.

Anchor, Trigger, Que: A memory of a person, place, situation or something that’s wired into the memory and is experienced when stimulated.

Attitude: An expression of favor or disfavor towards something.

Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS): Negative thoughts, often based on lies, which become an automatic, declared as true, and damaging your self-esteem and self-concept.

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