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General Addiction Definitions - "B"Useful definitions in addiction recovery:   “B”

Baseline: A starting point or personal standard that provides a point of reference for evaluating change. A new baseline can be created.

Behavioral Addiction: Any behavior you continue to participate in, in spite of negative consequences. See Process Addiction.

Behavioral Therapy: Therapy that focuses on reducing negative behaviors and increasing positive ones.

Belief: An acceptance that something is true and that things that in opposition to that belief, are not true.

Bond: A deep, emotional connection with another person.

Boundary: A physical, visual, mental, emotional, or spiritual border or limit: your resources, space, or time. A big issue in personal relationships, especially codependency.

Brain Scan: An image of one’s brain taken with a fMRI, MRI, PET, or SPECT machine. It provides insight of brain functioning, helping with diagnosis and treatment.

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