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General Definitions - E

Emotion: An intuitive feeling, based on complex subjective experience from biological, physical, psychological, and social responses to a life situation; influenced by mood, personality, motivation, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

Emotional Bondage: Being caught in cycle of emotional abuse, and feeling unable to break free. Usually inflicted by another person, but can be self-inflicted.

Emotional Flexibility: The ability to experience the full-range of emotions, positive and negative, and express them appropriately, and then let them go.

Emotional Intelligence: The ability to know what you are feeling and how to deal with those feelings.

Emotional Regulation: The ability monitor, evaluate, and modify your emotional reaction, and respond appropriately.

Empathy: The capacity to recognize, feel and ask about another person’s emotional experience.

End Stage Addiction: When one’s addiction has led them to enough health consequences that they will likely die.

Engagement, The Zone, The Groove: The ability to be totally involved, absorbed, or lost in a challenging activity; can be, but is not always fun.

Enmeshed: Family members drop their boundaries, lose their identity and direction, take on family roles, and help perpetuate the family’s addiction.

Environment or Social Trigger: Any person, place, thing, situation, or time that has a past association with using, and that could cause you to feel like using.

Euphoria, High, Intoxication: The emotional brain state of ecstasy, joy, and complete self-satisfaction; usually with change in perception, mood, or consciousness.

Euphoric Recall: Remembering and re-experiencing using as a very positive experience while disregarding the negatives.

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