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General Addiction Recovery Definitions - DUseful definitions in addiction recovery:  “D”

Defenses, Psychological: Psychological protection to cope with and reduce anxiety. There are various types of defenses, primarily unconscious. The most common is denial.

Defensive, Defended: Using one of many defenses as protection against change, criticism, vulnerability, or mental-emotional attack. Defenses can be used counterproductive.

Denial: A defense; the refusal to accept the truth, even in spite of feedback from people you trust.

Detoxification, Detox: The period of physical withdrawal from a substance.

Diagnose: The process of identifying and labeling the cause of a condition or situation.

DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders): The psychiatric insurance bible for diagnosing mental illness; current version is DSM-V.

Dual Diagnosis: A diagnosis wherein one has an addiction and a psychological-psychiatric condition.

Dysfunctional Family: A family’s very ineffective way of interacting with each other and the world.

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